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Anime Review : Watch AFTERLOST

Anime Review: Watch AFTERLOST


AfterLost is an original anime series created by Genco and Cygames Pictures and produced by TROYCA. It features an all-star voice cast and tells the story of two young adults who discover a mysterious app. With this “Afterlost” app, they are able to restore lost memories to the people around them.

The Story

Afterlost follows the story of two main characters, Haruto Amou and Nagisa Kurihara, who find the “Afterlost” app and use it to help those from their city who are suffering from a sudden loss of memories. While exploring this mysterious app, they discover a strange world that has been deprived of all its memories and come face-to-face with their pasts. As the two investigate the origin of the Afterlost app, they uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearances and its relation to the Afterlost.

The Characters

Haruto Amou

Haruto Amou is a strong-willed and passionate young man who loves mystery and adventure. He has a strong belief in justice and is determined to help restore the memories of those affected by the Afterlost since his own experience with the app.

Nagisa Kurihara

Nagisa is Haruto’s childhood friend and confidante. She is a passionate and independent young woman, who has a genuine concern for the people around her. She is a talented artist and uses her creative skills to help restore the lost memories of the people in her city.

Nonoka Ichinose

Nonoka is a mysterious girl who also has knowledge of the Afterlost app and uses her knowledge to help Haruto and Nagisa. She has a cheerful and upbeat personality and while seemingly reckless, she is always ready to lend a helping hand.


  • Great Animation: The animation and CGI are top-notch in Afterlost, making it a beautiful series to watch. The action scenes are especially impressive, as they don’t skimp on the details.
  • Engaging Story: The story is full of mysteries to uncover and poignant moments that will tug at your heartstrings. With two protagonists who are likable and relatable, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you watch them uncover the secrets of the Afterlost and the city
  • Emotional Music: The music in Afterlost is beautiful and touching with a lot of emotion behind it. The soundtrack will whisk you away to different places in your head as it conveys the feelings of the characters.


At its core, Afterlost is a bittersweet story about the power that memories can bring and the lengths people will go to bring them back. With a great animation, an engaging story, and emotionally charged music, Afterlost is definitely a series worth checking out. So, if you’re looking for a mystery-packed and emotionally charged anime, then Afterlost is the perfect choice.

What genre is the anime “Afterlost” rated?

Afterlost is a drama anime.

What age rating is the anime “Afterlost” given?

The age rating for the anime “Afterlost” is 17+.

What network airs the anime Afterlost?

Afterlost is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

What is Afterlost about?

Afterlost is a science-fiction anime series that follows two teens, Sayu and Ginko, who take refuge in a world where time has stopped and the dead live among the living. After their parents vanish in the mysterious “Lost”, the teens must try to solve the mystery of the Lost and find their parents before time runs out. Along the way, they meet strange creatures, discover the secrets of the mysterious phenomena, and encounter forces that could potentially destroy the entire world.

What genre is Afterlost?

Afterlost is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror hybrid series.

What is the plot of Afterlost?

Afterlost follows two teens—Shoma and Miyu—who get transported to a parallel world called “The Lost”—a nightmarish otherworld of monsters, spirits, and mysterious, intertwined futures. In The Lost, Shoma and Miyu encounter horrific creatures, form powerful bonds, and discover they must protect this new world from the powers of a strange man called the “Collector.” As the battle rages, Shoma and Miyu must use their strength, courage, and friendship to face the powerful forces of the Collector and restore balance to The Lost.

What genre is the anime Afterlost?

Afterlost is a mystery/drama anime.

What is the plot of the anime Afterlost?

Afterlost follows the story of Yuki Sanada, a high school student dealing with the aftermath of a mysterious phenomenon which caused the entire population of the city of Hiroshima to suddenly disappear. With no clue to what happened and no one else to turn to, Yuki teams up with an AI companion, Makiko, to search for answers. As the two travel across the forgotten city of Hiroshima, they must unravel the mystery of what happened and find out if anything remains of the city’s inhabitants. Along the way, they are confronted with strange creatures, supernatural forces, and a hidden agenda.

What studio is responsible for producing the anime Afterlost?

Afterlost is produced by LIDENFILMS.

What other anime has been produced by Trigger studio?


-Kill la Kill

-Little Witch Academia

-Darling in the Franxx

-Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


-When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

-Space Patrol Luluco

-Inferno Cop

-Ninja Slayer From Animation

What other animation studios have worked with Trigger?

Other animation studios that have collaborated with Trigger include Xflag, Studio Orange, Node, Andoumushi, Production I.G, Shuka, Sanzigen, and Ordet.

What other anime production companies have collaborated with Trigger?

Studio Khara, Ordet, Sanzigen, XFlag, Agency For Cultural Affairs, Orange, Anima, Lesprit, W-Toon Studio, Fanworks, Asahi Production, Graphinica, Geno Studio, OLM, CyberConnect2, Sanzigen Animation Studio, Sublimation, Production I.G, Shirogumi Inc, NATSUIRO Company, Studio Chizu, Ultra Super Pictures, Kinema Citrus, A-1 Pictures, Twin Engine, Dandelion Animation Studio, Telecom Animation Film, Studio Ghibli, Toei Animation, and Production Reed.

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