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Anime Review : Watch Chitose Get You!

Chitose Get You!: Anime Review

Chitose Get You! is a Japanese manga and anime series written and illustrated by Koi. It has been adapted into an anime series and several video games, and has spawned many anime adaptations since then.

The story of the series revolves around Chitose, a young girl who is trying to make it as a manga artist. After being rejected by a publisher when she was 15, she starts working part-time at an old, rundown café.

The anime follows Chitose’s daily struggles as she tries to become a successful artist while also balancing her job at the café. She often meets with other aspiring manga artists and gets into various comedic situations with her friends and customers.


  • Endearing Characters -The characters in this series are endearing and full of personality. The cast of characters is diverse and will make you fall in love with them.
  • Heartfelt Story– The story is filled with heartfelt moments, as Chitose strives to make her dreams come true. It’s a story about perseverance and chasing your dreams against all odds.
  • Cute Art– The art style is incredibly cute and bright. It gives the anime a warm and inviting atmosphere.


  • Repetitive Format– The series follows a very similar pattern each episode. This can make the story feel a little repetitive and formulaic.
  • Predictable Plot– The plot is quite predictable and can be a bit cliché at times. This can lead to the story feeling a bit stale.


In conclusion, Chitose Get You! is an enjoyable anime that provides an endearing story about chasing your dreams and being resilient. The characters are endearing and unique, the artwork is cute, and the story is heartfelt. Although the format can be a bit repetitive and the plot is a bit predictable, these flaws are overshadowed by the engaging story and memorable characters.

What is the age rating for the anime “Chitose Get You!”?

The age rating for the anime “Chitose Get You!” is PG-13.

“What is the genre of the anime Chitose Get You!?”

Chitose Get You! is a comedy slice-of-life anime.

What is the release date of Chitose Get You!?

The official release date for Chitose Get You! is May 24, 2019.

What age rating is Chitose Get You!?

Chitose Get You! is rated E for Everyone.

What age is Chitose Get You! appropriate for?

Chitose Get You! is rated PG-13, which suggests an age range of 13 and older.

“Is Chitose Get You! appropriate for younger children?”

No, Chitose Get You! is not recommended for younger children due to its sexual content and comedic themes. It is intended for mature audiences.

How old should children be to watch Chitose Get You!?

Chitose Get You! is rated TV-PG and therefore is not recommended to be viewed by children under the age of 12. Parental guidance is recommended for those under 12.

How appropriate is Chitose Get You! for children?

Chitose Get You! is an anime series aimed at young adults and adults, so it may not be appropriate for children. It contains mature themes such as romantic relationships, crushes, adult situations, and mild violence. It also includes mild sexual content, light fan service, and suggestive themes. Parental discretion is advised.

What age range is Chitose Get You! suitable for?

Chitose Get You! is suitable for all ages, including children. The series contains mild romantic elements and suggestive content, but it is overall lighthearted and enjoyable, with an emphasis on comedy, friendship, and chasing your dreams.

What type of genres does Chitose Get You! cover?

Chitose Get You! primarily covers the genres of Comedy, Slice of Life, and Romance. It also has elements of Drama, Fantasy, and Adventure.

“What are the stories in the Chitose Get You! manga series?”

1. Chitose Get You!

2. Chitose Get You!!

3. Chitose Get You!!!

4. Chitose Get You!! A New Chapter

5. Chitose Get You!! Mirrorland

6. Chitose Get You!! Winter Walk

7. Chitose Get You!! Goodbye, Summer

8. Chitose Get You!! Spring Leaves

9. Chitose Get You!! Summer Murmurs

10. Chitose Get You!! Vampire Smile

11. Chitose Get You!! Spiral of Memories

12. Chitose Get You!! Magic Grows on Trees

13. Chitose Get You!! Re:Birthday

14. Chitose Get You!! Wild Wind

15. Chitose Get You!! Queen of Stars

16. Chitose Get You!! The Grand Finale!

What is the genre of the Chitose Get You! manga series?

Chitose Get You! is a comedy slice-of-life manga series. It follows the adventures of Chitose and her group of friends as they navigate their lives. It focuses on themes of friendship, romance, and self-discovery. The series is light and humorous, with an emphasis on everyday life.

What is the author of the Chitose Get You! manga series?

The author of the Chitose Get You! manga series is Koi. Koi is a Japanese manga artist who is well known for his slice-of-life and comedy series. He has received numerous awards for his manga, and he has an extensive fan following.

Who is the artist of the Chitose Get You! manga series?

The artist of Chitose Get You! is Mizuki Kawashita. Mizuki Kawashita is a Japanese manga artist who is well known for her illustrations in comedies and slice-of-life series. She has worked on many popular series, including Love Hina, Gakuen Heaven, and Chitose Get You!. She is highly praised for her art style and her detailed characters.

What genre is the Chitose Get You! manga series?

Chitose Get You! is a slice-of-life comedy manga series. The series follows the everyday adventures of Chitose, a high school student, and her friends as they explore their lives and relationships. The series features lighthearted comedy with a focus on friendship and self-discovery.

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