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Anime Review : Watch Cinderella Chef

Anime Review : Watch Cinderella Chef

Cinderella Chef is an anime-centric series that follows Koto Morikawa, a young girl who dreams of becoming the world’s greatest chef. After her parents suddenly pass away, Koto moves in with her Aunt Saya and is taken in by the head chef, who teaches her the fundamentals of cooking. As Koto’s skill level grows, she gains the admiration of her peers, and is soon competing in a cooking contest against the world’s top chefs.

The anime series has many aspects that make it unique. One of the biggest draws is the focus on the relationship between Koto and her Aunt Saya. This is explored more deeply as Koto begins to learn more about her family history and the sacrifices that Saya made for her. Other characters are also brought into the story, each with their own unique personalities and roles in Koto’s journey.

Perhaps the best part of Cinderella Chef is its visuals. The character designs are fluid and detailed, and the backgrounds are well-crafted to show off the vibrant colors of the food Koto creates. The animation is also creative and exciting, making each episode more enjoyable to watch.

Unique Story and Characters

Cinderella Chef is a great story that follows the journey of a young chef trying to make it in the culinary world. The anime series does a great job of showing the close bond between Koto and her mentor, as well as the many obstacles she must overcome to reach her dreams. The characters are also dynamic and unique, providing interesting conversations and scenes with each episode.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Cinderella Chef is an excellent anime series to watch. The combination of stunning visuals and a unique story make the show a must-see for those who enjoy the genre. If you’re looking for an anime series with great characters, an interesting plot, and beautiful visuals, then Cinderella Chef should be on your watch list.


  • Engaging character relationships
  • Dynamic characters
  • Unique story
  • Vibrant visuals


  • Episode length can be a bit long

What other anime is similar to Cinderella Chef?

1. Shokugeki no Soma

2. Cooking Master Boy

3. Yakitate!! Japan

4. Young Black Jack

5. Animes Chef

6. Hajime no Ippo

7. Toriko

8. Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma The Second Plate

9. The Galaxy Express 999

10. Recipe for Gertrude

What is a good cooking anime similar to Cinderella Chef?

A good cooking anime similar to Cinderella Chef is Gamers! It stars Keita Amano, a devoted game nerd who is pulled into a world of gaming and strategy when he joins the beautiful Aoi Hoshi’s gamers’ club. The club members have unique gaming styles and use their skills to create dishes and face off against rivals. With an array of delicious recipes and exciting tournaments, Gamers! will surely be a great watch for everyone.

What type of anime is Cinderella Chef?

Cinderella Chef is a shoujo anime. Shoujo anime are series that focus on romantic relationships between female characters; often times, these stories feature a young girl trying to find her place in life. Cinderella Chef follows Koto, a young chef struggling to make it in the world of culinary arts, and conveys the close bond between Koto and her mentor, as well as the obstacles she must overcome.

What other cooking anime is similar to Cinderella Chef?

1. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (2015)

2. Yakitate!! Japan (2004)

3. Sweetness & Lightning (2016)

4. Restaurant to Another World (2017)

5. Cooking Master Boy (1997)

6. Gourmet Girl Graffiti (2015)

7. restaurant Story (1993)

8. Psychic Restaurant: The Puppet Show (1989)

9. Shokuzai no Kyoden (2004)

10. Kuuchuu Buranko (2009)

What cooking anime is similar to Food Wars?

Another popular cooking anime series that is similar to Food Wars is Yakitate!! Japan. This shonen (coming-of-age) manga series follows the story of a young baker who must compete in cooking contests as he strives to create the best bread in Japan. It features a wide range of characters with unique cooking styles, as well as comedy and exciting cooking-based battles. Other cooking anime series that have a similar feel to Food Wars include The Galaxy Express 999, Animes Chef, and Toriko.

What other cooking anime is similar to Food Wars?

1. Yakitate!! Japan

2. Sweetness and Lightning

3. Shokugeki no Soma: The Third Plate

4. Toriko

5. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

6. Battle Chef Brigade

7. Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya

8. Cooking Master Boy

9. Restaurant to Another World

10. Silver Spoon

What cooking school anime is similar to Food Wars?

Kaijuu Menzu, or Beast Dining Table, is an anime series similar to Food Wars. The series follows the culinary adventures of a group of students called the Food Luckies as they learn cooking skills from a mysterious chef. The story is framed around food battles, where the participants must outcook each other to prove their culinary prowess. The series is entertaining and features exciting cooking battles that fans of Food Wars will enjoy. Other cooking school anime that are similar to Food Wars include Shokugeki no Soma, Yakitate!! Japan, and The Kabocha Wine.

What other cooking competition animes are similar to Food Wars?

1. The Perfect Insider (Subete ga F ni Naru)

2. Shokugeki no Soma: The Second Plate

3. Yakitate!! Japan

4. ShinSegawa-kun no Bakery Adventure (Bakery Adventure of Little Pierrot)

5. Toriko

6. Silver Spoon

7. Cooking Master Boy

8. Dagashi Kashi

9. Ben-To

10. Master of Panpocalypse (Okawari-Boy Starzan S)

What anime is similar to Food Wars but focuses on baking instead of cooking?

The anime series “Kashou no Tsuki” is similar to “Food Wars” in that it features baking competitions between characters, but centers around baking instead of cooking.

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