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Anime Review : Watch Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao Review

Demon King Daimao is an anime series written by Madhouse and released in April 2010. It follows the story of Akuto Sai, a young man who dreams of becoming part of the clergy and helping people in need. Unfortunately, his dreams soon turn into a nightmare when he discovers he is prophesied to become the Demon King! With the help of various dangerous magical powers, Akuto will have to fight monsters and villains in order to save the world and his friends.


The story of Demon King Daimao is full of action, mystery, and adventure. The plot follows Akuto Sai as he struggles to control his powers and fight off those who wish to use them for evil. The story also focuses on relationships between the characters, as well as the moral dilemmas that accompany any fight for good.


The characters in Demon King Daimao are well developed and complex. Akuto is a typical teenage boy, but with unusual abilities that make him a formidable opponent. His friends also have their own special powers which help him in his adventures. The villain, Junko Hattori, is a powerful witch seeking world domination and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Animations and Music

Demon King Daimao has excellent animations with crisp and detailed visuals. The action scenes are particularly impressive and the music fits perfectly with the tone of the series.


  • Interesting story
  • Memorable characters
  • Detailed animations and visuals
  • Catchy music


  • The plot can be confusing at times
  • Some action scenes are a bit too long

Final Verdict

Demon King Daimao is a great watch for both anime fans and those who are new to the genre. The story is interesting and the characters are memorable. The animation and music are top-notch, and the action scenes are thrilling. With its flaws, Demon King Daimao is still worth watching if you’re looking for an exciting adventure.

What is the genre of Demon King Daimao?

Demon King Daimao is a comedy, fantasy, harem anime.

What is the plot of Demon King Daimao?

Demon King Daimao is a Japanese light novel series by Shōtarō Mizuki. It tells the story of Sai Akuto, a high school student who enrolls at the Constant Magick Academy to become a High Priest, just as his deceased ancestor once was. On his first day of school, however, he is informed that his magical aptitude test reveals that he is destined to become the Demon King and lead the world to destruction. With the help of his many friends, Sai must now battle possessed students and demons, while trying to overturn his own fate and become the High Priest he always thought he could be.

What types of characters are in Demon King Daimao?

Demon King Daimao features a wide range of characters, including protagonists, antagonists, and side characters. The main protagonists are Akuto Sai, Junko Hattori, Korone, Keena Soga, and Mitsuko Torii. The main antagonists are the student council, the Pirate Council, and the Demon King’s Army. Supporting characters include the school’s faculty, Akuto’s friends and rivals, and a variety of magical creatures and monsters.

What is the main antagonist in Demon King Daimao?

The main antagonist of Demon King Daimao is the demon lord, divulging of darkness, Akahitori Kurou. Akahitori is the Demon King’s right hand and is determined to make sure no one stands in his way of bringing Akuto to bear as the new Demon King. Akahitori uses a powerful dark magic to manipulate events and people in order to further his own agenda.

Who plays the Demon King Daimao in the anime series?

The Demon King Daimao is voiced by Jun Fukushima in the anime series. Jun is a Japanese voice actor and singer who is best known for his roles in anime and video games. His other roles include Rayiin from Bravely Default, Askeladd from Vinland Saga, and Sigma from Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Which anime series features the Demon King Daimao?

The anime series is called “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou” (Demon King Daimao). It is based on the light novel series of the same name and was produced by Artland and TNK. It aired in Japan from April 5, 2010 to June 21, 2010, and had a total of 12 episodes. The anime follows Akuto Sai as he struggles to keep his demon king destiny a secret, while also dealing with the complications of his high school life and his growing powers.

What is the full name of Demon King Daimao in the anime series?

The full name of Demon King Daimao in the anime series is Akuto Sai. He is the protagonist of the series and is fated to become the Demon King, a powerful being that threatens the future of mankind. He is a kind and earnest person despite his fate and tries to do good deeds and look out for his friends and classmates. He also has a mysterious magical power known as “Akuto Energy” that allows him to create powerful illusions and temporarily control the minds of people.

What are the abilities of Demon King Daimao in the anime series?

Demon King Daimao is an extremely powerful being, possessing immense magical power and knowledge, and a host of supernatural abilities.

1. Supernatural Strength: Demon King Daimao possesses superhuman strength and as such can cause large amounts of destruction with a single attack.

2. Weather Manipulation: Demon King Daimao can manipulate the weather at will, creating storms and tornadoes capable of tearing apart anything in its path.

3. Immortality: Demon King Daimao is immortal and cannot die of old age or be harmed by conventional means.

4. Age Manipulation: Demon King Daimao can manipulate the ages of people and objects at will, allowing him to age someone to death or return them to their previous age.

5. Possession: Demon King Daimao can possess other creatures, allowing him to control them and use them for his own nefarious purposes.

6. Flight: Demon King Daimao can fly using his wings or by using magical spells.

7. Reality Manipulation: Demon King Daimao can manipulate reality at will, allowing him to alter people and objects in any way he sees fit.

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