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Anime Review : Watch Leviathan -The Last Defense-

Anime Review : Watch Leviathan -The Last Defense-

Leviathan – The Last Defense is a Japanese animation that follows the journey of a group of young adventurers who set out to explore the mysterious world of Inferia. It follows the adventures of Mai, an outspoken girl who is dragged into a quest to save the world from an oncoming menace called “Leviathan.” Along with her companions Luka, a fortuneteller, and Kano, a swordsmaster, Mai must face the unknown and defeat Leviathan and save humanity.


The narrative begins with the arrival of Leviathan, a creature whose sole purpose is to bring about the end of humanity. As the soldiers of Inferia attempt to drive the creature away, a young girl, Mai, stumbles upon a mysterious device that gives her the power to control Leviathan. After realizing that only she has the power to defeat the creature, Mai sets out on a quest with her friends to find a way to stop Leviathan and save the world.


Mai is the main protagonist who is tasked to save the world. She is determined, resourceful and brave. Luka, a clairvoyant, provides valuable wisdom and guidance. Kano, a swordsmaster, serves as Mai’s protector and companion. Other characters include the race of fairies, the mysterious dragon, and Leviathan.

Animation and Sound

Leviathan – The Last Defense features bright and vibrant animation that brings the world of Inferia to life. The characters are designed and animated in a unique style. The anime is accompanied by a powerful soundtrack, which adds to the overall experience.


Leviathan – The Last Defense is an enjoyable anime that offers a fantastic journey to explore the unique world of Inferia. With its captivating characters, stunning visuals, and engrossing plot, this anime is sure to please. It is sure to delight any fan of Japanese animation.


  • Engaging storyline – an exciting journey to save the world from Leviathan
  • Interesting characters – each character has a unique backstory and their own individual skillsets
  • Beautiful animation – vibrant visuals and stunning visuals


  • Some of the characters lack development
  • Complex story that may be difficult to follow for new viewers

What is the plot of Leviathan – The Last Defense?

Leviathan – The Last Defense is an IOS game that involves controlling two characters (Colin the Investigator and Carmen the Chaos) in a battle of wits to prevent evil forces from destroying the universe. The game is set in the world of Midgard, and involves switching between the two characters as they use their special abilities to solve puzzles and confront enemies. Players must restore balance to the chaos of Midgard and prevent Loki, an evil entity, from destroying the world. As Colin and Carmen progress through the story they uncover more of Loki’s plans, and gain access to new powers and items to defeat him.

What genre is Leviathan – The Last Defense?

Leviathan – The Last Defense is a tower defense strategy game.

What is the plot of Leviathan – The Last Defense?

Leviathan – The Last Defense is a Japanese action-adventure anime series produced by Neptune and broadcast on TV Tokyo. The series follows the adventures of four young people, Aoi Tamashiro, Kaito Hakuba, Masaru Furuya, and Chihaya Himuro, who are chosen by a mysterious force to become part of the “Leviathan” defense force and save mankind from a disaster of unknown origin. With the help of four mysterious weapons known as “Leviathan Arms”, they must face off against a group of mysterious enemy forces known as “Jormungand” to protect the world. With each episode, the main characters must also uncover the truth behind the mysterious “Leviathan” force, its origins, and how it ties into the greater threat of the Jormungand forces.

What type of anime is Leviathan – The Last Defense?

Leviathan – The Last Defense is an animated science fiction fantasy series.

What other type of anime is there?

-Romance anime

-Mystery anime

-Historical anime

-Sports anime

-Slice of life anime

-Comedy anime

-Supernatural anime

-Horror anime

-Drama anime

-Science fiction anime

-Fantasy anime

-Mecha anime

-Samurai anime

-Adventure anime

-Shoujo anime

-Shounen anime

-Magical Girl anime

-Harem anime

What are the most popular types of anime?

1. Shounen – Shounen anime typically follows the story of a young male protagonist and the trials and tribulations they face while growing up. Examples Include: Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia.

2. Shoujo – Shoujo anime is generally targeted at young female audiences and follows stories that focus on romantic relationships, friendship, and self-discovery. Examples Include: Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Ouran High School Host Club, and Fruits Basket.

3. Seinen – Seinen anime is aimed at a slightly older teen and adult male audience than shounen and focuses on more mature themes and intellectual topics. Examples Include: Monster, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

4. Mecha – Mecha anime typically features large robots, or mecha, as a central element of the story and action. Examples Include: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mobile Suit Gundam, Code Geass, and Macross.

5. Slice of Life – Slice of life anime present an idealized version of everyday life, usually featuring characters that find joy in the small things in life. Examples Include: K-On!, Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, and Nichijou.

What are some of the best anime series?

1.Death Note

2.Fullmetal Alchemist

3.Cowboy Bebop

4.Attack on Titan


6.One Piece

7.Code Geass

8.Dragon Ball Z

9.My Hero Academia

10.Sailor Moon

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