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Anime Review : Watch Magimoji Rurumo

Anime Review : Watch Magimoji Rurumo


Magimoji Rurumo is a lighthearted comedy anime series featuring Kouta Shibaki, a teenage boy who finds himself in the company of an unusual witch. After Kouta makes a wish to a magical creature, he finds himself with a powerful magic wand and a special contract with the witch, Rurumo.


The main characters in Magimoji Rurumo are:

  • Kouta Shibaki: the teenage protagonist who finds himself in a contract with the witch, Rurumo.
  • Rurumo: the mysterious witch assigned to fulfill Kouta’s contract.
  • Chiranosuke: Kouta’s best friend who also finds himself in a magical situation.
  • Kanako: a teacher at Kouta’s school who discovers the truth about Kouta and Rurumo.


Magimoji Rurumo follows the story of Kouta’s journey to use the magical wand and fulfill his contract with Rurumo. With each task Kouta completes, he earns magic points that can be used to give Rurumo’s witch powers back. Along the way, Kouta makes unlikely friends and learns important life lessons about responsibility, loyalty, and friendship.

Final Verdict

Magimoji Rurumo is an enjoyable anime with a unique story, interesting characters, and plenty of comedy moments throughout. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easygoing, lighthearted anime with a bit of magic and adventure. There’s something here for everyone—from casual viewers to hardcore anime fans.

What type of genre is Magimoji Rurumo?

Magimoji Rurumo is a comedy, fantasy, supernatural anime.

What is the plot of Magimoji Rurumo?

Magimoji Rurumo follows Kota Shibaki, an ordinary high school student who one day finds a magical book at his school’s old library. After opening it and performing a spell, he meets a witch named Rurumo, who is in debt to a demon. In order to pay off this debt, Rurumo has been assigned by the demon to grant Kota one wish every day, using a magic ticket. However, Kota must use up all his tickets before Rurumo can regains her freedom. Along the way, Kota and Rurumo learn important life and magical lessons while they venture to different places and meet new friends.

What is the main theme of Magimoji Rurumo?

The main theme of Magimoji Rurumo is the importance of friendship and self-discovery. Through the friendships of the two main characters, Kouta and Rurumo, the story explores themes of growth, hope, courage, and resilience. Along the way, Kouta discovers that he has the potential to become a better person and he discovers the true power of friendship.

What genres of anime does Magimoji Rurumo fall into?

Magimoji Rurumo falls into the genres of comedy, supernatural, and slice of life.

What other genres is Magimoji Rurumo associated with?

Magimoji Rurumo is associated with the fantasy, supernatural, and comedy genres. Additionally, it falls into the slice-of-life genre due to its lighthearted and humorous tone, as well as its focus on everyday situations and activities.

What is the genre of Magimoji Rurumo anime?

Magimoji Rurumo is a magical slice-of-life comedy anime.

What is the plot of Magimoji Rurumo anime?

The plot of Magimoji Rurumo follows the story of a high school student, Kouta Shibaki, who accidentally sets free a witch, Rurumo, from a centuries-old magical book. Rurumo offers Kouta a magical ticket that gives Kouta one wish, but in turn, he must help Rurumo with her witchy errands. Every time Kouta uses his wish, Rurumo loses a part of her magical power, and the two form an unpredictable bond as they help each other grow. Over the course of their adventure, they discover the importance of friendship and learn valuable life lessons.

What are the main characters in Magimoji Rurumo anime?

The main characters in the Magimoji Rurumo anime are:

Kota Shibaki: A 15-year-old high school student who is the protagonist of the series.

Rurumo: A clumsy witch cursed with a 500-year sentence. She is sent to the human world to complete the tasks assigned to her in order to regain her magical powers.

Chiro: Rurumo’s magical cat.

Shimaki: Kota’s single mother and a lecturer at the magical academy.

Mangekyou: Rurumo’s superior at the magical academy and the one who gave her the 500-year sentence.

Matsuri Tsuzuki: Kota’s childhood friend and classmate.

Kuruma: A magical creature that Kota meets.

Shiro: Kota’s pet dog.

What is the name of the protagonist in Magimoji Rurumo?

The protagonist in Magimoji Rurumo is Kōta Soramachi.

What gender is the protagonist in Magimoji Rurumo?

The protagonist in Magimoji Rurumo is male.

What is Rurumo’s gender in Magimoji Rurumo?

Rurumo is a female.

What is the gender of Rurumo in the manga Magimoji Rurumo?

Rurumo is female.

What is the origin of the manga Magimoji Rurumo?

Magimoji Rurumo is a manga series created by Mitsurou Kubo. It was originally serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from 2004 to 2006. The series was later adapted into a 12-episode anime television series in 2014.

What genre is Magimoji Rurumo?

Magimoji Rurumo is a Japanese manga series in the comedy, fantasy, and romance genres.

What is the plot of Magimoji Rurumo?

Magimoji Rurumo is a shōnen comedy manga series written and illustrated by Wataru Watanabe. The story follows Kota Shibaki, a high school boy who is given an old pocketwatch from his late grandfather. Upon discovering that the pocketwatch contains a magical spell, Kota spends a wish to make a timid and introverted witch named Rurumo come to life.

The magical pocketwatch grants Kota a certain number of magical tickets, and each time he uses one, Rurumo is tasked with completing a magical mission in order to remain alive. As Kota and Rurumo’s friendship grows, they soon discover that there may be more to Rurumo’s role in the world of magic than either of them initially expected.

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