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Anime Review : Watch Pandora Hearts

Anime Review : Watch Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts is a popular shonen anime series based on a manga adapted from Jun Mochizuki’s award-winning novel. It follows the adventures of young Oz Vessalius, the heir to the noble and powerful Vessalius family, and his journey through a strange, disturbing and fascinating world called the “Abyss”.


The story of Pandora Hearts revolves around Oz Vessalius, a 15 year old boy who is sent into the depths of the mysterious Abyss by the Baskerville Clan. Once inside the Abyss, Oz discovers strange and bizarre creatures, the secrets of the Abyss and the mysteries of his own past. Along his journey he befriends a mysterious girl named Alice, who is the key to unraveling the secrets of the Abyss.


The characters in Pandora Hearts are very memorable and charm audiences with their unique personalities. Oz is the cheerful and upbeat protagonist who is forced into the Abyss. Alice is his faithful companion, a curious and mischievous girl who possesses mysterious powers. Other characters include:

  • Gilbert Nightray: Oz’s loyal and dedicated servant.
  • Vincent: A faithful member of the Baskerville Clan.
  • Xerxes Break: A cunning and manipulative character.
  • Lacie: A mysterious and tragic figure.

Animation and Music

Pandora Hearts has admirable animation and music. The smooth animation perfectly captures the depth of the characters and the grand scale of the Abyss. Additionally, the music stirs emotions and keeps audiences engaged with intense battle scenes.


Overall, Pandora Hearts is a well-crafted series with an intriguing plot, captivating characters and spectacular animation and music. If you are looking for an anime series which will have you on the edge of your seat, then Pandora Hearts is definitely worth watching.

What is Pandora Hearts based on?

Pandora Hearts is based on a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. It was published in Square Enix’s Monthly GFantasy from June 2006 to March 2015.

What is the genre of Pandora Hearts?

Pandora Hearts is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Jun Mochizuki. It is a fantasy, supernatural, and drama series.

What are the main themes of Pandora Hearts?

1. Trauma and Memory loss: Oz’s memories of his life before the Tragedy of Sablier were taken away. He and many of the characters in the story face a lot of trauma related to the events of the tragedy, and it appears in many different ways.

2. Family: Family is a big theme in Pandora Hearts and relationships between family members are explored in depth. Both Oz and his allies have families, and those families have their own troubles and secrets they must confront.

3. Love and Friendship: Characters in the story find themselves falling in love or forming close friendships with one another. They support one another through difficult times, and it is through their love and friendship that they are able to make it through.

4. Identity: Oz and other characters learn about themselves throughout the story as they struggle to discover their identities. Are they the person people expect them to be? Or are they different? They discover who they really are as individuals and how they fit into the world.

What books make up the Pandora Hearts series?

1. Pandora Hearts Volume 1

2. Pandora Hearts Volume 2

3. Pandora Hearts Volume 3

4. Pandora Hearts Volume 4

5. Pandora Hearts Volume 5

6. Pandora Hearts Volume 6

7. Pandora Hearts Volume 7

8. Pandora Hearts Volume 8

9. Pandora Hearts Volume 9

10. Pandora Hearts Volume 10

11. Pandora Hearts Volume 11

12. Pandora Hearts Volume 12

13. Pandora Hearts Volume 13

14. Pandora Hearts Volume 14

15. Pandora Hearts Volume 15

16. Pandora Hearts Volume 16

17. Pandora Hearts Volume 17

18. Pandora Hearts Volume 18

19. Pandora Hearts Volume 19

20. Pandora Hearts Volume 20

21. Pandora Hearts Volume 21

22. Pandora Hearts Volume 22

23. Pandora Hearts Volume 23

24. Pandora Hearts Volume 24

25. Pandora Hearts Volume 25

What is the order of the Pandora Hearts books?

1. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 1 (Pandora Hearts, #1)

2. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 2 (Pandora Hearts, #2)

3. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 3 (Pandora Hearts, #3)

4. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 4 (Pandora Hearts, #4)

5. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 5 (Pandora Hearts, #5)

6. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 6 (Pandora Hearts, #6)

7. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 7 (Pandora Hearts, #7)

8. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 8 (Pandora Hearts, #8)

9. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 9 (Pandora Hearts, #9)

10. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 10 (Pandora Hearts, #10)

11. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 11 (Pandora Hearts, #11)

12. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 12 (Pandora Hearts, #12)

13. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 13 (Pandora Hearts, #13)

14. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 14 (Pandora Hearts, #14)

15. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 15 (Pandora Hearts, #15)

16. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 16 (Pandora Hearts, #16)

17. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 17 (Pandora Hearts, #17)

18. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 18 (Pandora Hearts, #18)

19. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 19 (Pandora Hearts, #19)

20. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 20 (Pandora Hearts, #20)

21. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 21 (Pandora Hearts, #21)

22. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 22 (Pandora Hearts, #22)

23. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 23 (Pandora Hearts, #23)

24. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 24 (Pandora Hearts, #24)

25. Pandora Hearts, Vol. 25 (Pandora Hearts, #25)

What is the author of Pandora Hearts?

The author of Pandora Hearts is Jun Mochizuki.

What is the genre of the Pandora Hearts series?

Pandora Hearts is a fantasy, mystery, and adventure manga series.

What is the main plot of the Pandora Hearts series?

The main plot of the Pandora Hearts series revolves around protagonist Oz Vessalius and his journey to find out the truth about his family’s past. Oz is a young nobleman who is suddenly cast into an alternate world known as the Abyss after being pulled into a mysterious pocket watch. There he soon discovers that all the secrets of his family, including his own identity, are connected to the mysterious Abyss and the organization that governs it – Pandora. Through his journey, Oz learns more about his past and discovers the dark secrets hidden in Pandora’s heart.

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