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Anime Review : Watch Rosario + Vampire

Anime Review: Watch Rosario + Vampire

What is Rosario + Vampire?

Rosario + Vampire is an Anime series based on the popular Manga of the same name. It follows the story of Tsukune Aono who accidentally enrolls in a school for monsters and meets the vampire Moka Akashiya. He must use his unique human abilities to survive and protect Moka from frisky monster suitors.

Reasons to Watch Rosario + Vampire

  • Humour: Rosario + Vampire delivers an amazing combination of slice-of-life jokes and ecchi humour.
  • Romance: the series slowly builds up a romantic relationship between Tsukune and Moka involving other characters in the show.
  • Action: Tsukune faces a series of entertaining battles against monsters and villains throughout the show, featuring impressive animation.

Best Characters

  • Moka Akashiya: Moka is a powerful vampire possessing a gorgeous rose-petal exterior and a powerful inner demon. She will do anything to protect Tsukune.
  • Tsukune Aono: Tsukune is a human who is clumsy and often gets in over his head, but eventually discovers a powerful hidden potential within himself.
  • Kurumu Kurono: Kurumu is a succubus who competes with Moka for Tsukune’s affections. She is manipulative and often uses her sexy charms to get what she wants.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Rosario + Vampire is a great Anime series with a good blend of humour, romance, and action. The characters are endearing and the animation is top-notch. Be sure to check it out!

What other anime series does Rosario + Vampire remind viewers of?

Rosario + Vampire could be compared to several popular anime series, such as Vampire Knight, High School DxD, Monster Musume, Strike the Blood, Trinity Seven, and Is This a Zombie? .

What other anime have a supernatural and Ecchi genre like Rosario + Vampire?

1. High School DxD

2. To Love-Ru

3. Highschool of the Dead

4. Strike Witches

5. Inu x Boku SS

6. Heaven’s Lost Property

7.Demon King Daimao

8.Is This a Zombie?

9.Kamisama Kiss

10. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

What other anime have a harem and Ecchi genre like Rosario + Vampire?

1. High School DxD

2. Nisekoi

3. The World God Only Knows

4. Kampfer

5. Asobi ni Iku yo!

6. Heaven’s Lost Property

7. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

8. Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens

9. Ladies versus Butlers

10. Shakugan no Shana

What other anime series are similar to Rosario + Vampire?



3.Inu x Boku SS


5.Kamisama Hajimemashita

6.Highschool DxD

7.Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

8.Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

9.Is This a Zombie?

10.Dance with Devils

What other anime series have a harem theme like Rosario + Vampire?

1. Love Hina

2. To Love-Ru

3. High School DxD

4. Zero no Tsukaima

5. Date A Live

6. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

7. Witch Craft Works

8. Heaven’s Lost Property

9. Campione!

10. The World God Only Knows

“Which anime series feature school-age characters in harem situations?”

Some popular anime series featuring school-age characters in harem situations include:

•The World God Only Knows

•Love Hina

•Ranma 1/2

•Kimi ni Todoke

•Fruits Basket

•My Little Monster

•Hiiro no Kakera


•Kamisama Kiss

•Inu x Boku SS

•Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?


•Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

What are some anime series with harem elements?

•Love Hina

•Date A Live

•Grisaia no Kajitsu



•The World God Only Knows

•The Familiar of Zero

•Angel Beats!

•High School DxD

•Kamigami no Asobi



•Cat Planet Cuties

•Love Lab

•Asobi ni Ikuyo!

•Campus Society

•Infinite Stratos



•Boogiepop Phantom

•Kamigami no Asobi

•Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

What is the difference between harem and reverse harem anime?

Harem anime revolves around a single male protagonist and a group of multiple female characters who are interested in him. The series often consists of romantic relationships, light comedy, and plots involving the protagonist trying to choose one of the female characters as his love interest.

Reverse harem anime follows a female protagonist who is surrounded by multiple male characters vying for her attention and affection. The series typically involves some combination of mystery, comedy, and romantic plotlines. The female protagonist usually has one or more particular male characters she is interested in or has feelings for.

What is an otome anime?

Otome anime is a subgenre of anime/manga targeted to female audiences. It usually follows a story in which the female protagonist finds herself in a romantic relationship with one or multiple attractive men. These stories often revolve around the protagonist developing a relationship with different attractive male characters, usually while attending a school, living in a new town, or working at an organization. Common elements in otome anime include mystery, romance, and subtle touch of comedy. They often take the form of visual novels, dating sims, or choose-your-own-adventure stories.

What is an otome game?

An otome game (literally “maiden game”) is a story-based video game that is targeted towards women. These games are typically visual novels that focus heavily on narrative and romantic progression. Players will interact with characters and progress through the game’s storyline. The goal of the game is often to form a romantic relationship with a main character, known as an otome. Otome games usually feature a mix of dialogue choices, puzzles, and mini-games. Character customization options are often available, letting the player customize the protagonist’s physical appearance, clothing, and other features.

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