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Anime Review : Watch Starlight Promises

Starlight Promises: An Anime Review

Starlight Promises is an anime series released in March 2021 and produced by Pierrot Studios. It tells the story of two young girls who are destined to return a pair of magical gloves to their rightful owner.


The show follows the everyday adventures of the two main characters, Ai and Ayame. They are both orphans from the same orphanage and are unknowingly connected to the magical gloves. As the story progresses, their search for the rightful owner of the gloves leads them on various exciting adventures. Along the way, they meet a variety of different people and make new friends.


The main characters in the series, Ai and Ayame, are both young girls with contrasting personalities. Ai is a strong-minded and stubborn girl, while Ayame is a more timid and shy girl. Every character in the show is unique and is designed to bring out the main protagonist’s development.

Animation and Art

The animation and artwork in Starlight Promises is truly exquisite. The combination of vibrant colors and detailed backgrounds gives the entire series a very unique look. Character designs also stand out, with each character having their own unique style and colors.


The music featured in this show is catchy, upbeat, and just plain delightful. The opening and ending songs are particularly noteworthy, and will make you want to dance along.


Overall, Starlight Promises is an amazing anime series and definitely worth watching. It has a great story, characters, and animation. Coupled with excellent music, this is certainly an anime series that you should give a watch.


  • Great story
  • Unique Animation and Art
  • Catchy Music


  • Character development could have been better

What is Starlight Promises about?

Starlight Promises is a romantic-comedy film that follows successful executive, Maya, as she embarks on an intense weekend of speed dating. With the hope of finding “the one,” she meets a diverse cast of characters, each with their own story to tell and lesson to learn. Amidst the chaos of the multiple potential partners, Maya falls for a man who proves to be anything but ordinary. Ultimately, they must decide if their love is worth taking a chance and learning the true power of Starlight Promises.

What is the main theme of Starlight Promises?

The main theme of Starlight Promises is the importance of persevering in life, no matter how difficult the journey ahead may seem. The song emphasizes the power of not giving up, no matter how dark the days may be, and encourages listeners to stay strong in the face of adversity. The movie also suggests that, through determination and self-discovery, a person can find a brighter tomorrow.

What elements in Starlight Promises emphasize the main theme?

1. The use of a double-time love theme throughout the story which conveys the sense of urgency the main characters feel to be together.

2. The way the two main characters look at each other and at the stars whenever they are together, conveying a shared wonder and appreciation of the moment.

3. The romantic descriptions of the scenery and the setting sun to portray the beautiful setting their love exists in.

4. The interaction between the two main characters emphasizing their care and trust for one another.

5. The lyrics of the song which focus on two people being together and making a promise to never let go, which reflects the main theme of never ending love.

What does the title of Starlight Promises symbolize?

The title of Starlight Promises symbolizes hope, ambition, and potential; looking up at the night sky, the stars are a reminder of the potential for a better future, of promises that might be kept. The imagery of stars also speaks to a grand romanticism, of a love that is bigger than the two who share it, a love that is cosmic and expansive and beautiful.

What is the meaning behind the title Starlight Promises?

The title Starlight Promises implies that promises made in the stars – such as dreams, hopes, and wishes – will come true. It suggests that no matter how difficult the situation may be, hope is never lost and good things will eventually come. The title reflects a feeling of optimism, belief in the future, and the power of dreaming.

What other titles could be used for a story with the same meaning as Starlight Promises?

1. Celestial Vows

2. Heavenly Pledges

3. Glittering Vows

4. Luminous Covenants

5. Shining Assurances

6. Moonlight Bargains

7. Radiant Promises

8. Sparkling Propositions

9. Starry Accords

10. Twinkling Understandings

What other titles could be used for a story involving star-crossed lovers?

1. Unrequited Love

2. Misguided Destiny

3. Separated by Fate

4. Strangers in Love

5. Hopelessly Devoted

6. Forbidden Passion

7. Forbidden Romance

8. Doomed Lovers

9. Tragic Love

10. Torn Apart by Fate

What is the meaning of star-crossed lovers?

Star-crossed lovers is a phrase used to refer to two lovers whose relationship is destined to fail, usually because of social, cultural, or familial pressure. It can also refer to two lovers whose relationship is determined by fate but is ultimately doomed to end in tragedy. The phrase implies an enemies-to-lovers or forbidden love story, with two people unable to stay together despite their best efforts.

What is the origin of the phrase “star-crossed lovers”?

The phrase “star-crossed lovers” dates back to William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which he writes: “A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life.” The phrase refers to two lovers who are kept apart by an outside force, often fate, which is symbolized by the stars.

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