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Anime Review : Watch Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan

Anime Review : Watch Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan is an exciting anime series that combines traditional period drama with a lighthearted twist. It tells the story of two childhood friends, Will and Chihiro, who struggle to survive the turbulent time of the Taisho Era.


The show follows Will and Chihiro as they live through the 14-year period of Japan’s Taisho Era. Their adventures take them all across the country, from Tokyo and beyond. The two quickly find themselves drawn into a web of turmoil and drama as they interact with other characters from the era, including bustling city residents, powerful noble families, and mysterious samurai.


The main cast of characters in the series includes the two main heroes, Will and Chihiro, as well as several supporting characters from various parts of the country.

Will is a young samurai who is inspired by his father’s tales of heroism and justice. He is determined to protect his family and friends and fight for what is right.

Chihiro is an orphan who is smart, sophisticated, and determined to make a new life for herself despite her difficult circumstances. She is resourceful and loyal, and supports Will in his struggles.


The visuals in Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan are stunning. The animation is detailed and realistic, capturing the grandeur and beauty of the Taisho period. The backgrounds are lush and vibrant, with attention paid to historical accuracy.

The characters are all visually appealing and well-designed. The backgrounds and costumes are colorful and vibrant, while the facial expressions of the characters add life and emotion to each scene.


Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan is an exciting anime series that combines elements of period drama and comedy to create an engaging story. The characters and visuals are captivating, and the story is filled with intrigue, suspense, and action. It is definitely an educational anime series worth watching if you are looking for something unique and entertaining.

Why is Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan an important anime?

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan is an important anime because it stands out as a groundbreaking pioneer of hybrid genres combining action, supernatural elements, and period drama. The story is set in the Taisho era of Imperial Japan, and follows Vamp, an immortal vampire living in modern day Tokyo, as he searches for a way to stay alive and find a form of redemption by protecting and saving the people of the city. It features unique art style filled with detailed backgrounds, an engrossing plot, strong characters and enthralling action scenes. It has been praised for its unique blend of genres, and its stylish and surreal visuals. The anime is an important piece of art as it provides an entertaining and captivating look into the world of Japan in the early 1900s.

What genre does Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan belong to?

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan belongs to the role-playing game (RPG) genre. It is a hybrid genre of fantasy, science fiction, and adventure, combining elements of drama, mystery, and action. Players take on the role of Vamp, a mysterious vampire who appears in modern-day Tokyo, and traverse a narrative-driven world encountering various characters along the way. The game features strategic combat and skills, along with an action-filled story. It also offers multiple endings and play modes, allowing for replayability. As a whole, Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan is a captivating and visually stunning game that provides a unique and entertaining experience.

What is the difference between Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan and Eroge games?

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan is a visual novel adventure game with an emphasis on story and relationship building. It focuses on the main characters’ emotional journeys and how they play off of each other, as opposed to the typical gameplay of an eroge game, which consists of adult-oriented dating sims and erotic visual novel stories. The gameplay of Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan has story-driven puzzles and character interactions, while an eroge game does not generally include puzzle elements and is meant to be more explicit in nature. In comparison, Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan has a more subtle approach to mature themes, letting the story and characters tell most of the tale.

What is the rating for Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan?

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan currently holds a 6.5/10 rating on Metacritic. The consensus from the majority of critics and viewers is that the game is an enjoyable experience, providing an intriguing narrative structure, captivating art style, and compelling characters. However, some have noted that the action and combat sequences can become too repetitive and tedious. The game is suitable for all ages and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

“What genre is Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan?”

Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan is an RPG video game released in 2001 in Japan. The game is a mix of traditional Japanese RPG elements and puzzle solving. The story follows a vampire, Vamp, as he and his allies travel around four cities to battle monsters and complete quests. The game focuses heavily on character interactions and features real-time combat and skills. Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan has been described as combining the elements of a traditional RPG withdating-sim style scenarios.

“What is the release date of Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan?”

The release date of Taisho Mebiusline Chicchaisan is April 24, 2014.

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