File Files

System : Playstation
Ultimate Emulator : Epsxe
File Dimension : 184 MB

Game Files

Released : 1999
Genre : Classic Shuffle

Duvet Art

Extract RAR ?

Download Link
  • Salvage and Install Winrar
  • Start Application and Bewitch out “Extract Here” or “Extract Recordsdata”
  • for android customers, we instructed RARLAB to carry out this operation, but you may use other apps address Zarchiver whenever you occur to would capture to. you may procure this apps in play store

Play ?

  • Salvage Emulator
  • Extract RAR
  • Load ISO /BIN/IMG with EPSXE
  • Entire Records Exercise Epsxe with Screenshot and Videos Please Read our Tutorial !

File Salvage

Hint : Click on Continue to download
– Instruct Hyperlink ( Instant download with out login)
 – Soundless absorb command downloading ? Soar here
– If the Hyperlink is broken, Record it Here
– Last Updated : February, 2023

Download Link

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