Home Action Historical Action Comedy Manhwa: Swashbuckling Adventures with a Touch of Humor

Historical Action Comedy Manhwa: Swashbuckling Adventures with a Touch of Humor

Historical Action Comedy Manhwa: Swashbuckling Adventures with a Touch of Humor

Manhwa, meaning Korean Manga, has become increasingly popular amongst fans of the genre. The historical action comedy subgenre of Manhwa is especially noteworthy, as it offers exciting swashbuckling adventures and a great balance of heartwarming and funny moments.

What comprises Historical Action Comedy Manhwa?

Historical Action Comedy Manhwa typically takes place in dynastic Korea, often from the Joseon period. At their core, these stories tell of a heroic protagonist of humble origins who rises up to become an iconic hero. Through his/her many adventures, this unlikely hero faces many obstacles that test the strength of his/her character, ultimately leading to a grand finale and victory.

The Appeal of Historical Action Comedy Manhwa

The strong writing of Historical Action Comedy Manhwa offers a sense of relatability that many other genres don’t have. The unlikely protagonists remind us of ourselves and act as representation. We can relate to these characters and it helps to heighten our connection to the story.

These Manhwa also offers a great blend of comic relief and thrilling action. The comic elements play off the typically high stakes well, preventing the genre from becoming too serious. Additionally, they often feature a traditional martial arts hero that must grapple with physical opponents and fight his/her way out of tricky situations.

Notable Historical Action Comedy Manhwa

If you’re looking to dive into this genre, here are some notable picks:

  • Tower of God: Tower of God has become a smash hit with fans of all ages. Its sharp writing and a diverse set of characters make it a joy to follow.
  • Dokgo Rewind: This Manhwa follows rising star Kang Hyuk as he strives to become a martial arts champion with the help of his friends. Despite dealing with darker themes, it still manages to have its light-hearted moments.
  • God of High School: It chronicles the adventures of young Mori Jin as he competes for the title of God of High School. The stakes become impossibly high as he progresses through the elimination tournament.


Manhwa has become a popular genre and Historical Action Comedy Manhwa is a great place to start. These tales offer a compelling story arc with a likeable protagonist and plenty of action and humor. And with the titles mentioned above, readers will no doubt find a story that can capture their hearts.

What are some other historical action comedy manhwa?

-The Gamer

-Ludwig Revolution

-Tower of God

-Hardcore Leveling Warrior


-God of High School

-The God of High School

-Battle Through The Heavens

-The Scholar’s Reincarnation


-The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess

-Sweet Guy

-Brawling Go

-The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor



-King’s Maker

-The Bride of the Water God

-Ghost Teller

-Cheese in the Trap.

What manhwa is considered to be the best historical action comedy?

The answer to this question depends greatly on personal opinion; however, one manhwa that is often praised for its historical action comedy is Men of Sangdo, written and illustrated by Seongdae Oh. This manhwa tells the story of three men—Yeonpung, Nanjung, and Seoljin—who become unlikely partners in a conflict involving the leadership of the Goryeo Dynasty in 13th century Korea. Together they must battle against a corrupt and powerful nobility while also learning to respect each other’s values. With exciting battles and humorous dialogue, Men of Sangdo has earned widespread acclaim and is widely considered one of the best historical action comedies in manhwa.

What is the highest-rated historical action comedy manhwa?

The highest-rated historical action comedy manhwa is ‘Unordinary’, which currently has an average rating of 8.82 on MyAnimeList. This series tells the story of a group of students at Wellston High School, which is split into two distinct classes. The Grace class is filled with talented and wealthy students while the F-class is stacked with delinquent and underprivileged students. When a fight breaks out between the two groups, John (the protagonist of the series) must use his mysterious powers to help the F-class win their battle. With its thrilling action sequences, clever plot twists, and heartwarming themes, Unordinary is certainly worth checking out for fans of historical action comedy manhwa.

What other manhwa have been highly rated for action and comedy?

* The Gamer

* Tower of God

* Noblesse

* God of High School

* Blaster Knuckle

* Siren’s Lament

* The God of High School

* Horimiya

* unOrdinary

* Lookism

* Orange Marmalade

* Noblesse Awakening

* Kubera

* Killing Stalking

* H-Mate

* S.I.D.

What is the best manhwa for both action and comedy?

One of the most popular and acclaimed manhwa for both action and comedy is Tower of God, which follows the story of a young man who goes on an adventure to ascend the mysterious Tower of God and be reunited with his friends. With its intense action sequences, unique supernatural abilities, and quirky characters, Tower of God is perfect for fans of both action and comedy. It has earned widespread praise for its depth and amazing character development, with many claiming that it is one of the best manhwa ever made.

What are some good manhwa that are both action and romance?

1. Tower of God

2. unOrdinary

3. The Gamer

4. Noble Lady Distinct Identity

5. Witch Hunter

6. Noblesse

7. Girls of the Wild’s

8. Into the White Night

9. I Love Yoo

10. Master of Learning the Nine Worlds

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