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Supernatural Mystery Thriller Manhwa: A Blend of Intrigue and the Unknown

Supernatural Mystery Thriller Manhwa: A Blend Of Intrigue and the Unknown

Manhwa, a genre of Korean comics and graphic novels, has become increasingly popular as more people around the world become exposed to the medium. Manhwa has many subgenres, including supernatural mystery thriller, which blends the subgenres of mystery and horror with the supernatural.

What is Supernatural Mystery Thriller Manwha?

Supernatural mystery thriller Manhwa are stories where mysterious events, usually involving some unknown force, occur in the characters’ lives. The characters must then use their own knowledge and skills to unravel the mystery and make sense of the situation. These stories are often set in dark and mysterious settings, filled with a sense of dread, and involve themes of the unknown, such as the supernatural and the occult.

Common Elements

The following are common elements found in supernatural mystery thriller Manhwa:

  • Mysterious events: Untimely deaths, sudden disappearances, and other unexplained occurrences.
  • Mysterious forces: Supernatural entities, ghosts, and other unknown entities
  • Intrigue: Investigations and mysteries that must be solved.
  • The unknown: The unknown is a prominent theme, and characters often grapple with the concept of the unknown.
  • The occult: Magic and other supernatural forces that may interfere with the characters’ lives.

Notable Examples of Supernatural Mystery Thriller Manhwa

  • Tower of God: A series by SIU, Tower of God is one of the most popular Manhwa. The story follows a group of characters who must climb a mysterious tower filled with secrets and rewards.
  • The Breaker: By Jeon Geuk-jin, Yi-Joon and Shi-Woon, The Breaker is a story about a teen martial artist who is trained by a mysterious master.
  • Sacred Beast: By Hyung-sik Jang, this series follows the adventures of two humans who find themselves caught up in a conflict between the gods and their mythical creatures.
  • God of High School: By Park Yong Je, this series follows a group of teens who must compete in an epic tournament and harness their inner powers.


Supernatural mystery thriller Manhwa are an exciting and thrilling genre, with stories that encompass a variety of elements from mystery, horror, and the supernatural. For readers looking for a unique and intriguing experience, this genre is an excellent choice.

What is the most popular supernatural mystery thriller manhwa?

The popular supernatural mystery thriller manhwa is ‘The Bride of the Water God’. It follows the story of Soah, who is forced to marry the water god Habaek to save her village from a destructive drought. The story has been adapted into films, animated series and stage productions.

What other supernatural mystery thriller manhwas are popular?

1. Noblesse

2. Tower of God

3. The God of High School

4. Ghost Wife

5. Prelude of War

6. Dr. Frost

7. Soul Cartel

8. Killing Stalking

9. A World That I Rule

10. Bloody Sweet Zombies Deadly Borderlands

What supernatural-mystery manhwas are available to read online?

1. Orange Marmalade

2. Ghost Wife

3. Forgotten

4. Prestige

5. Seoul Station’s Necromancer

6. Monmon Mon

7. Shik Supernatural Investigations

8. Choco Latte

9. The Scholar’s Reincarnation

10. Reign of Darkness

What supernatural-mystery webtoons are available to read online?

Some popular supernatural-mystery webtoons available to read online include:

1. Noblesse

2. The God of High School

3. Tower of God

4. Red Storm

5. Girls of the Wild’s

6. Cheese in the Trap

7. Denma

8. Lumine

9. Bastard

10. Fresh Slip Away

What are some popular supernatural-mystery webtoons?

1.Secret Xeryus

2.Horror Tales of The Unemployed

3.Tower of God


5.Blood Bank

6.The God of High School

7.Killing Stalking

8.Cheese in the Trap

9.Soul Cartel

10.Blood Link

What are some good supernatural-mystery manhwa?

1. Tower of God

2. Gamer

3. Inside Out

4. Lookism

5. Up & Out

6. Love Alarm

7. All Day Jo Ayoung

8. True Beauty

9. One-Punch Man

10. Breakers

11. Witch Hunter

12. Jack in the box

13. Orange Marmalade

14. I Love Yoo

15. Ghost Wife

16. The Gamer in You

17. Hooky

18. Killing Stalking

19. The God of High School

20. Soldier

What are some recommended supernatural-mystery manhwa to read?

1. Let Dai by Won Soo-Yeong

2. Noble My Love by An Hye-Jin and Hee-Eun

3. Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami

4. Tower of God by SIU

5. Nobleworks by Se Young Kim

6. Legend of Chun Hyang by Song Yoo-Jung

7. Who Are You by Song Bi-Sin

8. Lookism by Park Tae-Jun

9. Zippy Ziggy by Eun-Ah Cho

10. Moonshine by In-Ahphim Hee and Won Jung-Gyu

What manhwa is akin to Death Note?

The manhwa that is similar to Death Note is called God of High School. In it, a young martial artist named Mori Jin is offered a chance to become the God of High School by competing in a tournament hosted by the unknown mystical organization, the The National God of High School Association (NHG). Once he wins, he discovers that the tournament is actually a series of life-or-death games, and he must use his skill and wit to survive. Like Death Note, God of High School features exciting battles and mind games between a cunning protagonist and various adversaries.

What manga is similar to Death Note?

1. Cowboy Bebop

2. Monster

3. Battle Royale

4. Claymore

5. Tokyo Ghoul

6. Boku dake ga Inai Machi

7. Berserk

8. 20th Century Boys

9. Code Geass

10. Ajin : Demi-Human

What other manga have a similar dark themes as Death Note?

1. Tokyo Ghoul

2. Attack on Titan

3. Dorohedoro

4. Berserk

5. Hellsing

6. Monster

7. Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)

8. Vinland Saga

9. Black Lagoon

10. 20th Century Boys

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