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Top 10 Fantasy-Adventure Manhwa/Manhua with Mythical Creatures

Top 10 Fantasy-Adventure Manhwa/Manhua with Mythical Creatures

Fantasy-Adventure manhwa and manhua are a great way to experience mythical creatures, interesting characters and exciting, thrilling adventures. Here is a list of top ten manhwa/manhua with mythical creatures that have been hugely popular and are worth your time:

1. Tower of God

Tower of God is a South Korean manhwa by S.I.U that tells the story of a young boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has spent his entire life traversing a mysterious tower, searching for his closest companion Rachel. On his journey, he encounters mystical creatures and finds himself embroiled in dark secrets, danger and hidden agendas.

2. Chocolat

Chocolat is a Korean manhwa by Kang Dong Suns about two young orphans named Amande and Cashew and the magical world of Freesia. Together, they travel across Freesia, encountering fantastical creatures, and learning more about the mysterious world of Freesia.

3. The God of High School

The God of High School is a Korean webtoon by Yongje Park. It is a tournament-style fighting manhwa with periodic tournaments which feature mythical creatures. The main characters are three young martial artists from different backgrounds, all competing to win the tournaments and gain the ultimate prize.

4. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is a Japanese dark fantasy manhwa by Kusano Kagyu. It follows the story of a powerful and mysterious warrior who toils away in pursuit of slaying evil goblins. The story is filled with a plethora of mythical creatures such as trolls and dragons.

5. The Breaker

The Breaker is a South Korean manhwa series by Jeon Geuk-jin. In this series, a nine-tailed fox and other supernatural creatures terrorised the inhabitants of a small village. The main character, Shi-Won, learns martial arts in order to defend against these creatures and ultimately save the village.

6. Dou Po Cang Qian

Dou Po Cang Qian is a Chinese manhua by Tian Can Tu Dou. It follows the story of a young man who, after a terrible accident, gains extraordinary powers and is dubbed the ‘Great Sage’ by the people of his home village. This manhua is packed with action and mythical creatures such as dragons and gods.

7. Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic is a Japanese manga series by Shinobu Ohtaka. It tells the story of a young man who sets out on the journey of understanding magical creatures and their roles in the world. Throughout his journey, he encounters a variety of magical creatures such as djinn, giants and making a world-changing discoveries.

8. Arte

Arte is a Japanese manga series by Kei Ohkubo. It follows the story of a young woman who aspires to be a master artisan. She encounters a mysterious being who turns out to be a gargoyle, and embarks on an adventure with him and other mythical creatures.

9. Who Made Me a Princess

Who Made Me a Princess is a South Korean manhwa by Plutus. It tells the story of a modern-day woman who is suddenly transported to a fantasy realm and finds herself in a royal palace filled with mythical creatures. The twist? She is now the princess of the kingdom!

10. Condor Trilogy

The Condor Trilogy is a Chinese manhua series by Ma Wing Shing. It follows three main characters: Tiangui, Hongling and Jingtian, who are all martial experts. On their adventures, they encounter all manner of mythical creatures like tigers, dragons, phoenix and divine monks.

Ready for an adventure? Read a fantasy-adventure manhwa/manhua with mythical creatures and you won’t regret it!

What manhwa/manhua feature mythical creatures?

1. The Gamer

2. Kubera

3. Tower of God

4. Baoh The Visitor

5. Chocolat

6. Ghost Wife

7. Magi

8. Noblesse

9. Survivor

10. Law of The Universe

11. Girls of the Wild’s

12. Arte

13. Who Made Me a Princess

14. Condor Trilogy

15. DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything

16. Guardian of the Witch

17. Star Martial God Technique

18. Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu!

19. The New Gate

20. Re: Monster

What manhwa/manhua feature gods and goddesses?

1. Tower of God

2. The God of High School

3. Noblesse

4. Noragami

5. Snow Angels

6. Guardian of the Louvre

7. Modao Zushi

8. White Sun

9. Divine Bells

10. Spirits In The Dark

11. DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything

12. Kubera

13. Magi

14. Arte

15. Demon God’s Throne

16. Girls of the Wild’s

17. Law of the Universe

18. Chocolat

19. Who Made Me a Princess

20. The New Gate

What historical texts mention gods and goddesses in manhwa/manhua?

“The Jade Emperor’s Eight Immortals,” an 18th-century Chinese religious text, is an example of a historical text that mentions gods and goddesses in manhwa/manhua. The text retells stories of the Eight Immortals, which are eight deities worshipped in Taoism. Another example is the “Myths of Ancient China,” a historical text from the 16th-century that recounts various deities and deities related to the formation of China. A more recent example is the “Legend of the White Snake” (or “Legend of Madam White Snake”), an 18th-century compilation of stories about a female deity and her exploits. Additionally, the “Dong Ya Gong” (or “Manual of Eastern Art”) is a collection of various gods and goddesses mentioned in manhwa/manhua from the 17th-century.

What other stories feature gods and goddesses in their manhwa/manhua stories?

• Kingdom of the Gods by Kim Eun-hee, Yang Kyung-il

• Mononoke Sharing by Mini Kim

• Immortal Regis by School girls in Horror

• Witch Hunter by Cho Jung-man

• Noblesse by Son Jae-ho and Lee Gwang-su

• Where Tangles Cadence by Ha Jung-woo

• Lookism by Park Tae-joon

• Tower of God by SIU

• L’Erreur de Demeter by Son Hye-Kyung

• Battle Through the Heavens by Zu Xiaoqing and Gessler

• Ninja Girls by Setsuri Tsuzuki

• Akuma No Riddle by Sunami Takako

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