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Top 10 Fantasy-Romance Manhwa/Manhua with Slow-Burn Relationships

Top 10 Fantasy-Romance Manhwa/Manhua with Slow-Burn Relationships

Romance in fantasy worlds is something that never fails to captivate and entrance readers. If you are looking for a story where the relationship between characters builds slowly, as they go through incredible journeys together and love blossoms naturally over time, check out these 10 fantasy-romance manhwa/manhua with slow-burn relationships.

1. Goodmorrow

In a world where two empires battle for land and the fate of the people of both empires rests in the hands of the two rulers. A young girl, Yona, meets a mysterious smith, Sumin, and their journey for love and peace within their world begins. Sumin and Yona have a connection that is both painful and beautiful. As they travel, learn from each other, and grow together as friends, their relationship slowly blossoms into something more.

2. Re:Monster

Kanata, a human transmigrated into a world full of monsters. There, he meets and befriends a young goblin healer girl named Silva. Though the two come from different backgrounds and are of different species, the bond and understanding between them quickly develops over time. As they grow closer, they bravely take on any challenge, and in the process, they learn more about each other, as well as the secrets of their world.

3. The Bride of the Water God

A young girl living in a rural village, Soah, has been chosen to be the titular “Bride of the Water God”, Habaek. Habaek, a rebellious and playful god, and Soah, who has an aversion to love, begin their journey together. As they explore and learn more about their relationship, they must also brave challenging obstacles in order to restore Habaek’s power as the Water God.

4. Peerless Dad

This is the story of a single father named Yoon Sung-bin, who is struggling to raise his daughter. He discovers that his daughter has a mysterious and dangerous power and must protect her from the dangers that come with it. Along the way, they meet a mysterious man called Ryu, who helps them in their fight against evil. As the series progresses, their relationship develops and grows as they face the struggles of being parents together.

5. I’m the Royal Tutor

Hans, a “royal tutor” for the four princes of a kingdom, teaches them the skills needed to rule the kingdom when the time comes. As he teaches the princes important lessons, he and the four princes slowly become close, and their relationship blossoms from one of teacher-student to that of friends and family.

6. Lady Lady

This is a coming-of-age story about a young girl named Xie, who is struggling to prove her worth as a girl and a lady in a traditional Chinese society. Along her journey, she meets Han Shu, a young boy who shares her passion for freedom and understanding. Though their relationship starts off rocky, they eventually grow closer as they learn more about each other and support each other while they challenge traditional gender roles.

7. Tales of Thorn

In a world of fairy tales and magic, a young girl named Roliss meets a mysterious man named Elin. The two of them must face difficult choices and monsters to explore the secrets of their world. While they learn more about the secrets that their world holds, they also grow closer and their relationship slowly blossoms over time.

8. Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu is a story about a young girl named Ahiru who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. Though she can’t dance well, she is transformed into a duck by a mysterious Magical Prince. To save him, Ahiru must gather the scattered pieces of his shattered “heart”. Along the way, she meets a fellow prince and the two of them bond as they go on a magical journey together.

9. Beast and Beauty

The old tale of “Beauty and the Beast” is given new life with this story of a young girl, Ha Won, who has to live with her stepbrothers in a mansion. One of the brothers, Ji Woon, is cursed by a mysterious magical object and is transformed into a beast. As Ha Won tries to save Ji Woon, she finds that the two of them have formed a special bond, and their relationship slowly grows over time.

10. Fu Yao

The story follows Fu Yao, a bold, headstrong young girl. She is the chosen woman to wield a powerful but cursed talisman. As she goes on an incredible journey, she meets a mysterious prince and they quickly develop an intimate relationship. As they explore the secrets of their world, they also open up to each other and their bond slowly grows stronger.

These manhwa/manhua provide readers with an unforgettable experience as they watch two characters slowly fall in love in thrilling fantasy worlds. Whether it’s an adventure, a magical journey, or simply two people learning to trust and understand each other, these 10 stories will satisfy any fantasy-romance fan’s need for a slow-burn relationship!

What are the best fantasy-romance manhwa/manhua with strong female leads?

1. The Story of the Abandoned Innocent (Manhwa)

2. Bride of the Water God (Manhwa)

3. Akatsuki no Yona (Manhwa)

4. Legend of Qin (Manhua)

5. Girls’ of the Wild’s (Manhwa)

6. Spirit Contract (Manhwa)

7. Chocolat (Manhua)

8. The White Princess (Manhua)

9. Bride of the Emperor (Manhua)

10. Akuma to Love Song (Manhwa)

What are some popular fantasy-romance manhwa/manhua series?

1. Cold Studio’s High-End Worker Kim Sang-hyeon (빙결 스튜디오 고객 심상현)

2. My Girlfriend is a Villain (여자친구는 나쁜놈입니다)

3. Super Secret (슈퍼 시크릿)

4. Release That Witch (배틀 스타즈)

5. Demon Attractor (데몬 아트랙터)

6. God of High School (갓 오브 하이스쿨)

7. Understandably Good Not Good (이해할 수 있는 나를 배려하지 않는 놈)

8. Love Parameter (러브 파라메터)

9. House of the Sun (태양의 집)

10. Love Alarm (러브 알람)

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