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Top 10 Historical Manhwa/Manhua with Rich Settings

Top 10 Historical Manhwa/Manhua with Rich Settings

Manhwa and Manhua, two of the most popular Korean and Chinese comics, can transport you to a different, fantastical world with their intricate, beautiful art and complex storylines. While they usually feature stories in modern or sci-fi settings, there are some works that delve into the past and bring to life gorgeously-illustrated historical lands and cultures. Here are our top 10 picks for historical manhwa and manhua with truly immersive settings.

1. The Kingdom of the Winds

The Kingdom of the Winds, also known as Hwa Yeonjoo, is a classic Korean Manhwa set in the mythical kingdom of Joseon, which ruled the Korean peninsula from the time of King Sejong until 1910. The story follows the three sons of the legendary King Sejong as they journey through various hardships. The richly detailed illustrations bring alive the grand palaces, traditional festivals, and rich cultural heritage of Joseon.

2. The Ravages of Time

The Ravages of Time is a Manhua written by Chan Mou and set in the Three Kingdoms era of an alternate ancient China. The story follows the cursed Cao Cao as he struggles to survive in a world filled with corruption, betrayal, and an ever-shifting political landscape. With exquisitely detailed images of guerrilla warfare, dragon-riders, and great warriors, this Manhua will take you back in time.

3. Re:Mars

Re:Mars is a sci-fi Manhwa set in Earth’s future. When humanity has nearly been wiped out, two teenage refugees travel across a devastated world in an attempt to restore civilization. The detailed world-building and vibrant artwork create a unique atmosphere, as the story embarks on a quest for hope and survival.

4. Ararart

Ararart is a Manhwa set in an alternate version of the Silla Period (57 BCE – 935 CE), a time of great cultural and artistic growth in Korean history. The story follows a young prince on his quest to find a missing manuscript, as he journeys through historical Korean cities, battles mystical creatures, and solves puzzles. The vibrant colors of the artwork make this series particularly immersive.

5. Song of the Long March

Song of the Long March is a Manhua set in the 1940s during the Chinese Civil War. The story follows the brave members of the Long March, a famous 6,000-mile march during which hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops marched for months to reach safety. This Manhua brings to life the struggles, determination, and courage of the Chinese people during this tumultuous time.

6. Manon

Manon is a Manhwa set in a fictionalized feudal era in Japan. The story follows the eponymous Manon, a fearsome warrior princess, and her band of outlaws as they embark on a mission to save their homeland from the evil forces of the Shogun. With its vibrant art style, detailed historical landscape, and an engaging story, Manon is an absolute must-read.

7. Sunflower

Sunflower is a Manhwa set in the late Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1897), a period of both political and social turmoil. The story follows two warriors as they struggle to protect the peace and protect their homeland from a powerful foreign group of assassins. The gorgeous artwork and the immersive landscapes evoke the grandeur and intrigue of a bygone era.

8. Scholar Who Walks the Night

Scholar Who Walks the Night is a Manhwa set during the chaotic Joseon era of Korea. The story follows a brave scholar and his vampire love interest as they battle bloodthirsty monsters and unravel a sinister conspiracy. The artwork is stunning and the intricate details of Joseon’s culture will bring this atmospheric, historical world to life.

9. Goong

Goong is a Manhwa set in an alternate modern-day Korea. The story follows Chae-kyung, a high school student, as she suddenly becomes the Crown Princess of the Korean monarchy. There’s a political drama, plenty of action, and lots of beautiful artwork, bringing Korea’s modern-day culture, fashion, and architecture to life.

10. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a Manhwa set in the Joseon period. The story follows a group of high school girls as they deal with petty fights and rumors about each other, all set against the colorful backdrop of a traditional Korean market. With its gorgeous illustrations and fun, lighthearted story, Gossip Girl brings a unique and delightful story from the days of old.


Whether you’re a fan of historical fiction or comic books, these 10 historical manhwa and manhua have something for every reader. From high-octane adventures set in turbulent times to sweet romances playing out against a vibrant cultural backdrop, these works take you back in time and bring the ancient and mythical to life.

What is the difference between manhwa and manhua?

Manhwa is a Korean term for comics or graphic novels created in South Korea, while manhua is a Chinese term for comics or graphic novels created in mainland China. Generally, manhua has a more recognizably Chinese art style, while manhwa tends to use more traditional Korean art styles. Manhua and manhwa may sometimes have overlapping themes, but the art styles, writing conventions, and comedic content all vary significantly.

What are the main differences between manhwa and manga?

The main differences between manhwa and manga are:

1. Origin: Manhwa is a Korean comic while manga is a Japanese comic.

2. Art Style: Manhwa has a much more simplistic art style compared to manga, which often utilizes a lot of details and intricate patterns.

3. Publication Format: Manhwa is traditionally published as single-volume paperbacks, while manga is most commonly published in serialized volumes or magazines.

4. Genres: Manhwa tends to be geared more towards action and science fiction genres, while manga has a wider array of genres and titles available.

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