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Top 10 Mystery-Horror Manhwa/Manhua with Haunting Atmospheres

Top 10 Mystery-Horror Manhwa/Manhua with Haunting Atmospheres

These mystery-horror manhwa and manhua feature eery and devastatingly suspenseful atmospheres that will leave you feeling both shocked and spooked.


Executive assistant Ko I-Hyun becomes tangled in the mystery of Moss, an eerie digital realm populated by ghosts and monsters. Following the sudden death of her boss and mentor, Hyun is promised a generous reward if she can track down his research. But not all is as it seems in Moss as Hyun finds herself increasingly drawn into its eerie depths.

2.The Demon King’s Game

When a regular high school student is thrust into a dangerous supernatural game, shocking secrets come to the surface. An evil entity from another world has created an ever-evolving game between four divine families. It’s up to the determined teenager to find out just why the game exists, and to stop it once and for all.

3.The Bride of the Water God

The modern-day tragedy of forbidden love returns in this updated version of the classic Korean mythology. When a strange and powerful water deity is tasked with finding a human bride, he becomes entranced with a mortal girl. To this day she hasn’t forgotten the odd love story and remains haunted by the water deity’s mysterious presence.


Another take on Korean mythology, Kyungsungbab follows a group of students as they investigate an urban legend surrounding a ghost train. The train, which is said to travel through time, has been spotted near Kyungsung Station. The group finds themselves racing to uncover the mystery of the ghost train, battling monsters along the way.

5.Abide in the Wind

When a wind sorceress discovers her home kingdom devastated, she embarks on a journey to uncover the mystery of its destruction. The only thing she finds is a mysterious gust of wind that takes her to the desolate city of Rampgo. Here, she meets the last survivors of a mysterious worldwide destruction and must battle various monsters in order to understand her own truth.

6.Diffrent Relationship

In this supernatural drama, a young vampire and a bounty hunter share an dubious relationship. Drawn to each other despite their differing ideologies, the pair are in danger as they become further enmeshed in the darkness of the supernatural. The consequences of their relationship force them to confront the hidden depths of their respective worlds.

7.Fruit of Grisaia

This thrilling romance follows a student bodyguard as he guards a mysterious girl confined at a remote academy. The protagonist must protect her from a terrorist organisation who is behind the academy’s curious curriculum. As the series progresses, they unlock ancient secrets and discover hidden mysteries that could shape the future of the world.

8.Ghost of the Town

The small town of Silli-byul is besieged by a terrifying supernatural entity. When the citizens’ attempts to defeat the creature fail, they turn to an outsider for help. Armed with a secret weapon, the protagonist comes to this peculiar town with a mission to unearth its chilling secret and put a stop to the haunting.

9.My Very Own Ghost Story

Vengeful spirits and spellbinding fantasy come together in this thrilling manhua series. When a young man discovers that he can summon ghosts, he is soon drawn into a dangerous and frighteningly dark underworld. His mission is to find and defeat a powerful dark sorcerer.

10.The Little Mermaid

This gothic fantasy series follows an orphaned mermaid with a troubled past. With no memory of her parents and a dark secret lurking within her heart, the young mermaid journeys to the human world in search of understanding. Along the way she competes against a host of monsters, witches and creatures of the sea.

These mystery-horror manhwa/manhua will keep you on your toes while you experience the harrowing atmosphere they provide. With captivating plotlines and dynamic characters, these series are ideal for those seeking a new kind of horror experience.

What makes manhwa/manhua a good genre for horror stories?

Manhwa and manhua are perfect genres for horror stories because the imagery used in these genres is often very vivid and captivating. The art style is usually highly detailed and has a wide range of colors, textures, and shapes that make horror stories come alive. Manhwa and manhua also have clear, dynamic paneling and storytelling techniques that make it easier to convey suspense, surprises, and terror with ease. Moreover, these stories often draw inspiration from Korean mythologies, folklore, and other cultural elements that can make horror stories come even more alive.

What are some examples of horror stories in manhua/manhwa?

1. Tale of The Curtain by Kim Dong Hwa

2. The Witch’s Treasury by Huh Young-Man

3. Bae Jeong-Mann’s Curse by Jeon Jun-Hee

4. Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida

5. Apocalypsis by Hari Tokeino

6. Mononoke by Shouko Mutou

7. The Bride of The Water God by Yuna Kagesaki

8. Master of the Heavenly Yard by Jeon Jin-Seok

9. Howl by Park Jung-Sun

10. 666 Satan by Naoki Inose & Ryosuke Fuji

What are some popular horror manhua/manhwa?

1. The Abandoned Empress

2. Killing Stalking

3. The Ugly Duckling

4. Dead Days

5. The Witch And The Hero

6. Bloody Monday

7. Soul Cartel

8. House Of Fear

9. Demonic Housekeeper

10. Ghost Teller

What are the best horror manhua/manhwa?

1. Until Death Do Us Part

2. The Other Side of Secrets

3. Witch Hunter

4. Re:Monster

5. Alice in Murderland

6. Chasing the Sun

7. Clockwork Planet

8. The Lazy Puppy

9. Extraordinary

10. Expired Alice

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