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Top 10 Supernatural Action Manhwa/Manhua for Thrilling Battles

Top 10 Supernatural Action Manhwa/Manhua for Thrilling Battles

Experience thrilling battles and captivating storylines in these top 10 supernatural action Manhwa and Manhua! Read these titles and enjoy art styles that will mesmerize and powerful characters that will thrill you as you navigate through thrilling fights.

1. Tower of God

Tower of God is a manga that follows a boy named Twenty-Fifth Baam, who conquers the Tower of God’s numerous tests and fights with the power of a commander to reach the end. It is well-known for its phenomenon-level popularity and has been adapted into an anime in 2020. The art and storyline unfolds as we travel alongside Baam and the other characters in the Tower.

2. The Gamer

The Gamer is a supernatural action Manhwa that follows a boy named Han Jee-Han as he obtains an mysterious power that allows him to see a game-like setting in his everyday life. Jee-Han uses this power to level up and discover his hidden potential. Witness this fascinating Manhwa unfold as Jee-Han fights enemies using unequalled strength and crafty strategies.

3. Martial Legacy

Experience Martial Legacy’s mysterious and interwoven setting. It follows the protagonist, Zhang Ming, as he sets off to understand the immense martial arts legacy left behind by an ancient cultivator. Ming battles countless opponents as he discovers secrets and gathers powerful artifacts. Uncover the mysteries surrounding Martial Legacy and witness gripping battles come to life.


TOMIC presents a world rich of martial arts in which branches of families have their own unique styles of martial arts. The story follows Guan Ren and his subsequent journey with the other characters. His mastery of Tomic martial arts will lead him to the top, and navigating his journey through thrilling supernatural battles and mysterious events is sure to capture your interest.

5. Apollo’s Song

Apollo’s Song follows a young boy named Shougo Makishima, who cursed by hatred is unable to feel any emotion except love. He embarks on a journey to rid himself of the curse, and his greatest battle lies within himself. Through gripping art style and connecting story, witness the battle against one’s own self and uncover the mysteries that lie within.

6. Godly Bells

Experience an incredible supernatural action Manhwa featuring an amazing art style and exciting story. Godly Bells follows the journey of a young genius, Wu Geng Jiu Yao, as he embarks on a world-changing quest in search of a mysterious bell. Geng Jiu Yao summons powerful celestial beings to defeat his enemies and obtains the bell.

7. The Wolf of Sky

The Wolf of Sky is a story set in a world of martial arts and fairy tales, where gods and powers clash. The art and story follows Yan Xiao, as he navigates his way through the mysterious world of martial arts, while coming across incredible and powerful fights as he strives to reach the top.

8. Soul Land

Soul Land follows the story of Tang San, who after entering a realm of ancient gods, obtains a mysterious godly power known as the Hundred Spirits. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery and battles his way up to the top and uncovers mysteries within himself.


ReLIFE is a Manhwa with a unique and captivating storyline. It follows Kaizaki Arata, a 27-year-old NEET who spends his days lazily and aimlessly. He is luckily chosen to become part of an experimental program to relive the high school life in order to reclaim lost opportunities and overcome personal flaws.

10. The God of High School

This Manhwa is written by the well-known artist, Park Yong-Je, and set in a world where martial arts hold the key to a mysterious power known as “Charyeok”. Follow the story of Mori Jin as he battles his way through a series of tournaments in an attempt to win the tournament of all tournaments, the God of High School.

In conclusion, these 10 supernatural action Manhwa/Manhua make for thrilling battles and captivating storylines. Be sure to explore more of these mangas and enjoy artwork and plots that will pleasantly surprise you!

What is the difference between Manhua and Manhwa?

Manhua and Manhwa are both types of comics, however, Manhua is comics that originate from China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, and Manhwa is comics that originate from Korea. They share many similarities in terms of art style and narrative, both typically featuring dynamic and colourful art. Manhua is usually read from right-to-left, while Manhwa is read left-to-right. The genres and themes found in these comics also vary to culture and tradition, so readers can expect to find traditional Chinese and Korean story-telling themes, respectively.

What is Manga?

Manga is a type of Japanese comic book or graphic novel that often features a story, typically with an overarching plot arc or overarching series of arcs, and often with many, diverse characters. Manga stories are typically told in a serialized, anthology format, often with a mix of long-running storylines, shorter scenes, side stories, and even games. Manga is typically read from right to left, unlike Western comics which are usually read from left to right. Manga is typically seen in black-and-white, though there are some series published in full colour.

What is the difference between Manga and Anime?

Manga is a Japanese comic book format, while anime is a Japanese animation. Manga consists of panels and text, while an anime often involves voice acting, music, and special effects. Manga is typically published in volumes, while anime may be released singularly or as a series. Additionally, the visual style of manga and anime are both quite distinct and can easily be distinguished.

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