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Top 20 Best Manhwa

Top 20 Best Manhwa’s

Manhwa has been growing in popularity every year! With its vibrant art style, captivating stories, and unique take on traditional genres, there’s no wonder why so many people are enamoured with these amazing comics. Here is a list of the top 20 best manhwa that all readers should read at least once in their life!

1. Tower of God

(Chun-Woo Park, 2010-present) – Tower of God is one of the most popular manhwa out there, and for good reason! With a gripping story about a boy struggling to make it to the top of a mysterious Tower, it’s sure to draw any reader in.

2. The Gamer

(Seong Sang-young, 2013-present) – The Gamer puts an ingenious twist on popular manga themes like power and redemption. Following an everyday high school student, Jee-Han, who gains the power to control and level up his body, he quickly learns that it comes with a price.

3. Noblesse

(Jeho Son, 2007-present) – Nobleesse is a classic manhwa that follows a powerful vampire, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, who awakens after 820 years of slumber. He takes on a human identity, Rai, and quickly gets involved with the rivalry among the clans of vampires and humans.

4. Girls of the Wild’s

(Hun, 2011-2013) – Girls of the Wild’s follows a teenage boy who enrolls in an all-girls martial arts school. With plenty of humour, exciting fight scenes, and an awesome cast of characters, this manhwa is sure to keep readers captivated.

5. Lookism

(Tae-joon Park, 2015) – Lookism follows a high school student who gets the chance to change his physical appearance. With a heartbreaking story of bullying and a unique take on self-improvement, this manhwa is sure to pull at the heartstrings of everyone who reads it.

6. The God of High School

(Park Yong-Je, 2011-present) – The God of High School is one of the newest entries to the manhwa scene, and it’s already a fan favorite. Following a group of high school students who enter a martial arts tournament, this manhwa has plenty of exciting fight scenes and characters that readers can’t help but love.

7. Class of Lies

(Lee Na-Rae, 2018-present) – Class of Lies mixes horror, mystery, and suspense in this intriguing story about a group of high school students. With a focus on psychological horror and dark themes, this manhwa will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

8. The Breaker

(Jeio-Ku, 2007-2010) – The Breaker is an oldie but a goodie. Following the story of a high school student who learns martial arts from his teacher and then uses them to fight against a secret society, it still holds up to this day.

9. Please Don’t Bully Me, Nagatoro

( Nanashi, 2018-present) – Please Don’t Bully Me, Nagatoro is a breath of fresh air with its unique combination of comedy, romance, and bullying. Following an innocuous high school student who is constantly harassed by his classmate Nagatoro, this manhwa is sure to provide plenty of laughs.

10. I Love Yoo

(Quimchee, 2016-present) – I Love Yoo is an incredibly heartwarming and funny romance manhwa. Following the story of two childhood friends, Yoo Shin-ah and her crush Raymond, who slowly fall in love with each other, this manhwa is sure to have readers swooning.

11. Dice

(Hyun-Joo Yung, 2018-present) – Dice tells the story of a teenage video game enthusiast who enters a dangerous virtual reality game in order to save his father’s business. With an awesome combination of exciting game elements and drama, this manhwa is sure to keep readers on their toes.

12. Days

(Tsukushi, 2007-2016) – Days is a heartfelt and inspiring coming-of-age story about two high school soccer players, Tsukushi and Jin. With plenty of excitement, despair, and comedy, it’s sure to draw any reader in.

13. Bastard

(Young-you Lee, 2013-present) – Bastard is an all-around thrilling read that follows a teenage delinquent who learns the truth about his father. With a lot of plot twists and an engaging story, it’s sure to keep readers glued to the pages.

14. The Last Human

(Heu-Sun Kim, 2018-present) – The Last Human is a gripping sci-fi manhwa set in a world ruled by robots. Following a human scientist who awakens in this new world, he quickly embarks on a journey to find out how he got there and the secrets of this robotic civilization.

15. God of Bath

(Kwang-Hyun Kim, 2015-present) – God of Bath is a humorous and heartwarming manhwa about a man named Gun-Woo who discovers that he can see and speak to ghosts when he takes a bath. With plenty of silly hijinks, it’s sure to make anyone laugh.

16. The Bride of the Water God

(Mi-Kyung Yun, 2006-2014) – The Bride of the Water God is a classic fantasy manhwa about a human girl who is chosen to be the bride of a mysterious water god. With beautiful art and an engaging story, this manhwa is sure to draw anyone in.

17. Vagabond

(Kakei, 2014-present) – Vagabond is a thrilling manhwa set in a world of samurai and martial arts. Following the story of Musashi Miyamoto, the most famed swordsman in the land, this manhwa is sure to entertain any fan of the genre.

18. ReLIFE

(So Yayoi, 2013-2016) – ReLIFE is a unique manhwa about a 27-year-old man who is given a chance to relive his youth. With plenty of humor and themes of self-discovery, it’s sure to be a hit with any reader.

19. Siren’s Lament

( instantmiso, 2013-present) – Siren’s Lament is a unique take on fantasy manhwa about a teenage girl who can turn into a mermaid. With plenty of self-discovery and magical elements, this manhwa is sure to draw any reader in.

20. Are You Alice?

(R Wataru, 2008-present) – Are You Alice is an exciting retelling of Alice in Wonderland. Following a teenage boy who is mistakenly thought to be Alice, he embarks on a bizarre journey that will keep readers guessing what will happen next.

These are the top 20 manhwa’s that all fans of comics should read at least once. With a large range of genres, ranging from romance to horror, there is sure to be something for everyone on this list!

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