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Top Psychological Thriller Manhwa: Mind Games and Twisted Plots

Top Psychological Thriller Manhwa: Mind Games and Twisted Plots

Manhwa offers a unique way to explore the world of psychological thrillers, with its stunning artwork and intricate storytelling. Manhwa’s are a great way to explore the darker aspects of the human mind with riveting stories that leave you on the edge of your seat with more questions than answers. Here are some of the best psychological thriller manhwa available to read right now.

Choco Latte

Choco Latte follows the story of an average middle-schooler, Han Daewon, who find himself in a mysterious world where he must solve puzzles to find his way out. Choco Latte explores themes of manipulation, betrayal and Friendship with a very unique and thrilling plot.

Blood Bank

Blood Bank follows the story of Yeon Woo, a young girl with a rare blood type who ends up in a mysterious and twisted underground world. The story explores themes of power and manipulation as Yeon Woo discovers the dark secrets of the “Blood Bank”.

H2O: A Fairy Tale of the Two

H2O: A Fairy Tale of the Two is a gripping psychological thriller exploring the consequences of love and relationships. The story follows the relationship between two boys, as they grow closer, the past and illusions surrounding them start to unravel, leading to a shocking ending.


Makattala is a gripping psychological thriller about guilt and retribution. The story follows a young boy who is struggling with guilt and regret over events in his past, leading him down a dark path full of mystery and suspense.

The Confession

The Confession is a psychological thriller exploring the taboo topic of online predators. The story follows a young girl, Hana, who is searching for the person who tricked her online and ends up in a world of unsettling secrets and lies.

No matter what your preference is, there are plenty of great psychological thrillers manhwa to explore. From mind games and twisted plots, to dark secrets and intriguing characters, these manhwa have something for every reader looking to explore the darker side of the human psyche.

Top Psychological Thriller Manhwa:

  • Choco Latte
  • Blood Bank
  • H2O: A Fairy Tale of the Two
  • Makattala
  • The Confession

What is the most popular Psychological Thriller Manhwa?

The most popular Psychological Thriller manhwa is “Liar Game,” written by Kaitani Shinobu. It has been adapted into an anime and film, and is known for it’s suspenseful plot and thrilling twists.

What other psychological thriller Manhwa are there?

1. The Package

2. Melting Me Softly

3. Green Skin: Guardian of the Witch

4. Audition

5. The Boxer

6. Denma

7. Ryoko

8. Dallae

9. Liar Game

10. Ghost TIme

11. Inochi

12. Scum’s Wish

13. Helck

14. Witch Hunter

15. Killing Stalking

16. Mary Stayed Out All Night

17. Rain

18. The Breaker

19. The White Night

20. Soul Cartel

What is the best psychological thriller Manhwa?

One popular psychological thriller Manhwa is I Saw the Devil, which tells the story of a psychiatrist trying to solve the murders of his friends and family. It is intense and suspenseful, making it an ideal choice for fans of the genre. Other top psychological thrillers include Larry Lion, Who Ate the Stars, and Hellper.

What other Manhwa are similar to psychological thrillers?

1. Silent War

2. My Deepest Secret

3. Grand Prize

4. Tower of God

5. Killing Stalking

6. Psycho Diary

7. Refund High School

8. God of High School

9. Memesis

10. I’m the Grim Reaper

11. King’s Maker

12. Immortal Regis

13. Snow Flower

14. UnOrdinary

15. Flow

What are some Manhwa that focus on psychological horror?

1. The Universe’s Star

2. The Great Merchant Kim Man Deok

3. The Carol of the Eastern Kingdom

4. Lunatic Lovers

5. Priest

6. Red Storm

7. Orange Marmalade

8. The God of High School

9. Killing Stalking

10. Guardian of the supernatural world

11. TAL

12. Refund High School

13. The White Night

14. Dasepo Naughty Girls

15. The Devil’s Boy

What are some horror Manhwa that tackle psychological themes?

1. Inside Me

2. Bloody Sweet

3. Unordinary

4. Abandon the Old in Tokyo

5. White Epic

6. The Taste of Love

7. Night Flight

8. Distant Sky

9. Refrain Love

10. Weathering with You

11. Sun-Ken Rock

12. No. 6

13. Jadou

14. Reversal

15. Witch Hunter

What are some of the best horror Manhwa that explore mental illness?

1. Orange Marmalade by Seokwoo

2. BTS: The Most Dangerous Moment by Wooyeong Yang

3. What It Takes to be a Villainess by Woozi Bae

4. The Abandoned Empress by Yuna

5. Suicideolicious by K.A

6. Story of Someone We Know by Noh Miyeon

7. Demonic Housekeeper by Yoon Sunghee

8. Rest in the Mourning by Seokwoo

9. My Dear Cold Blooded King by Ogawa Chise

10. Hyeon’s Qualification by Sora Lee

11. AB Normal by Kim Sungdae

12. Black Haze by Komin

13. The Witch and the Beast by Lee Young Hee

14. Call me Creepy by A Bi

15. Lucifer by Sehee Ahn

What are some psychological horror Manhwa?

1. The Grim Reaper’s Phonograph

2. Tomorrow’s Love

3. Ghost Teller

4. The Things He Said

5. The Curse of Ulga

6. A Good Day to be a Dog

7. Pilgrim

8. Red Candle

9. Nightmare Factory

10. Silver Skateboard Girl

11. Apollo’s Song

12. Moon Walker

13. Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel

14. Stranger from Hell

15. The Gate of Heaven’s Feel Ings

What is the best psychological horror Manhwa?

The best psychological horror Manhwa is Orange Marmalade, by Lee Soe-Hyun. It follows a young girl, Ma Ren, who has the ability to turn into a vampire. With this power comes a great deal of psychological hardship and tough dilemmas as she attempts to keep her vampire identity secret from the people around her. The plot explores the stigma of being different, as well as the inner struggles of overcoming fear and shame.

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